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Choosing the Right Mousses and Foams

For adding body, texture and shine to your tresses, you can’t go wrong with mousses and foams. Not only does mousse, condition, smooth and add volume, but it also boosts thickness, prevents frizz and contains formulas to match every hair type! If your hair is thin or fine you’ll enjoy thick, volumized locks, and if you have wavy or curly hair, experience defined, resilient and frizz-free curls.

Even though mousses can be used on any hair type, they can also be categorized depending on the benefits they offer and their hold. Here’s a brief list of descriptions to help you choose the right one for your hair. One useful tip before you read on, try towel drying your hair before applying mousse, it’ll guarantee better results since there’s less excess moisture that can water down the effects or cause stiffness.

Mousse Types

  • Moisturizing: deeply hydrates your hair and seals in the cuticles to retain natural moisture. Keep an eye out for alcohol-free mousses if your hair suffers from damage or dryness, these products are especially gentle. You can also enjoy a natural looking shine!

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  • Volumizing and thickening: plumps up and strengthens each strand, providing overall volume and root support for more lift in the crown area. For best results, apply this mousse to your roots as well as the rest of your hair, blow drying with your head upside down.

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  • Smoothing: gives your locks a polished, glossy look by taming flyaways and preventing annoying frizz. To experience softness as well, towel dry your hair properly before applying the product.
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  • Color guard and UV protection: protects your locks from losing their vibrancy and from sun damage by using antioxidants to preserve hair health and color. If you want to take extra special care of your tresses, try sulfate-free mousses that won’t take the color or moisture from the strands.

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