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Choosing the Right Hair Treatment

Your hair is also a part of your body and its condition affects the way you look, so why not give it the care it deserves, as you would any other area of your body? Your locks are susceptible to environmental factors, heat damage from styling tools and general wearing down, so it’s good to revive your style once every so often to feel refreshed and tingling with health. Try visiting a spa, or a hair salon that specializes in hair care and massages to bring each strand back to life. If you want to take good care of your tresses you can also do so at home with the help of hydrating conditioners and revitalizing keratin treatments that can really make a difference whatever your hair type. Hair treatments have dozens of presentations: oils, liquids, creams masks and more. Each is designed to play a certain role, some can be used with heat and others you can leave on while you sleep. Why are these hair treatments so distinguished from normal day-to-day products? Well, you can reap more benefits from them and the treatment of your tresses is much more intense than just applying some shampoo and conditioner. How to know what’s right for your locks? First of all, what does your hair need to be treated for? Keep this in mind and read on to find out: • Smoothing: hair treatments that focus on smoothing can drastically reduce frizz and deeply moisturize your locks to make them soft and more pliable. Flyaways will no longer be a problem! Smoothing treatments we recommend • Keratin: another potent hair treatment to dramatically smooth disobedient strands, improve shine and reduce frizz, with formulas that last well into the day. Keratin treatments we recommend • Thickening and volumizing: these treatments provide more body for your mane and help thicken each strand to produce lift. No more limp and lifeless locks! Thickening and volumizing treatments we recommend • Moisturizing: you can deeply hydrate each strand and restore its elasticity, plus replenish the moisture your hair deserves. Enjoy healthy shine and revitalized locks with these treatments. Moisturizing treatments we recommend • Damage repairing: these treatments strengthen and hydrate your tresses, creating more resilience. Damaged strands can be healed and the cuticles sealed to prevent more damage from environmental factors, plus any dullness is eliminated, replaced with a glossy shine. Damage repairing treatments we recommend • Color protection: maintain the vibrancy of your locks for longer with treatments designed for this purpose, that also deliver great shine that makes your hair look as if glowing with health. Color protection treatments we recommend Okay, so now you know which hair treatments suits your needs the best, but how to apply it correctly? Properly using these products will ensure you benefit from all they have to offer, and more importantly, you’ll obtain the results you desire. It’s also a good idea to think about the frequency of the treatment application, if your hair is dry then you need to condition more often. If you have a normal hair type, then just once a week should be fine. Here are a few pointers to take into account: • Heating it up: some treatments need heat to function best, but what exactly does this mean? Well, you don’t have to warm it up on the stove, simply apply your treatment (be it a mask or conditioner) and wrap your hair in a lightweight towel. With your hair dryer on its lowest setting, gently heat up your hair to open the cuticles so that the treatment can be absorbed more efficiently. • Sleeping with it: just before going to bed, apply your treatment and wrap your hair into a bun on the top of your head, or use a scarf that you don’t mind staining. In the morning you can wake up to deeply hydrated and shiny hair. You may need to use a special hair-mask pillowcase while applying the treatments. • Braiding it in: apply the treatment as normal on damp hair, then make a braid to wear all day so that it’s continuously hydrating and restoring your hair’s health. It’s a great idea for summer as it creates a kind of barrier from salt, sun rays and chlorine. Remember you can always mix and match, your hair may need various treatments to fully reach its potential, and it also depends on environmental factors such as summer heat, humid rains and cold winters. Using different treatments you can control the way your hair looks and more importantly, keep it healthy.