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Choosing the Right Hair Rollers and Setters

If you prefer keeping your hands free and also enjoy the benefits of lush waves and great volume, then hair rollers and hair setters are the best tools to grant you the freedom you need while giving your locks shape. Create curls, waves and volume while at the same time get your daily activities done without having to set too much styling time apart.

Hair rollers and setters don’t just come in one shape and size, there are many different types that use specific technology according to your styling needs. Here’s a list that describes these types so that you can choose a set that matches your requirements.


Types of hair rollers and setters


  • Steam rollers: steam is used to make your hair more flexible and easier to bend, helping define curls quickly. Steam also moisturizes as it evaporates, leaving not only well-shaped curls, but also very shiny ones.

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  • Flocked rollers: each roller is surrounded by soft padding that’s designed to protect your hair from the heated center. This type of roller is ideal for frequent users, creating soft, shiny and healthy curls

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  • Coil rollers: these can prevent frizz and seal in moisture using ceramic or tourmaline technology to produce the best results. Enjoy smoother, healthier and frizz-free hair!

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  • Flexible stick rollers: forget about clips, flexible stick rollers let you curl your hair quickly and easily without any hassle, leaving you with defined shapes and bouncy curls. This versatile hair styling tool is an ideal travel companion, just find a set that matches your needs, since some heat up and some don’t.

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  • Self grip rollers: these are hollow and don’t include a central heating unit, instead they can be used on near-dry hair and are also great for travel. Just roll up and blow dry to obtain soft, defined curls or to simply create some volume.

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A lot of the rollers and setters you see on the market today contain a central heating unit called a coil, or a heating system that works with steam. So what’s best on your hair? If we’re talking about coil rollers, the best ones are those that contain ceramic or tourmaline (both is even better) and use ionic technology. Ionic technology simply means that the coils produce negative ions with neutralize positively charged hair, thus smoothing the cuticle. Ionic technology also successfully locks in moisture, reduces frizz and boosts shine to give your hair that wonderful healthy look.

With the combination of ionic technology and ceramic coils, the effects of the negative ions are enhanced, providing an even distribution of heat that reduces the risk of damage. The combination of ionic technology and tourmaline coils means that the negative ions are multiplied six times, which provides for very smooth, very glossy and great looking hair.


Traveling with Rollers

If you want to look great on the go, and need the right rollers to do the job without taking up too much time or effort, choose sets that contain fewer rollers so that they occupy less space in your bags. Another option is to make your own portable sit simply by mixing and matching. Just select the rollers you need and leave the ones you don’t behind.