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Choosing the Right Hair Removal Solution

Unwanted hair is always a problem but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Now there are lots of ways to get rid of the hair you want gone and plenty of techniques that you can choose from. And of course, with the added benefit: you can manage it from the comfort of your own home. However, eliminating hair isn’t a always a one-step process, there are preventive methods to take in order to get the most out of each technique as well as reducing discomfort. For example, when waxing or using specific hair removal tools such as an epilator, take some ice and apply it to the area you’re going to be working on. This will help prevent swelling by numbing the skin. If you’re a stickler for pain, then take an aspirin or ibuprofen about twenty minutes before your hair removal treatment to make the sting or burn as minimum as possible. Topical pain inhibitors also do the job, just in case the aspirin or ibuprofen fails to work. Bleaches Bleaching hair instead of removing may seem sneaky but it still works towards keeping unwanted hair hidden. Using bleach you can make hair almost invisible and avoid resorting to more painful procedures like waxing. Of course, not all bleaches are designed for the same parts of your body so always check which is meant for what area when purchasing. Shop bleaches Depilatory Creams Also known as hair removal creams, are a gentle way to eliminate unwanted fuzz to reveal soft, smooth, hairless skin that can last up to two weeks. These creams are ideal for those who aren’t up to the demanding and painful process of hair removal by wax or the nicks and scrapes of razors. You can apply this kind of cream to anywhere on your body, including the face though you must take care around the eye and eyebrow area which is composed of sensitive parts and can suffer irritation. Shop Depilatory Creams Electrolysis If you’re absolutely sick of dealing with unwanted hair the traditional ways and you never want to see another unnecessary hair again, then you’re the perfect candidate for electrolysis. This treatment is the ideal option for permanent hair removal, using electric currents to eliminate hair at the root in a simple and secure way. You can apply this treatment to smallish areas like the armpits, bikini area and from the neck up, but it’s not recommended for larger parts of the body. It can take several sessions to completely get rid of unwanted hair so plan with time to spare because it’s likely that you may have to wait a week between treatments. Electrolysis Epilators What is an epilator and how does it remove unwanted hair? This hair removal tool uses rotating tweezer-like discs to quickly pluck out hair with little to no discomfort, and it’s an effective technique for almost any area of your body. You can enjoy smooth skin for up to six weeks once you try out this method. Epilators also come in slimmer shapes that can be used for smaller and more sensitive areas like the face, for example the eyebrow or upper lip area. Shop epilators Razors Razors and shavers are probably the easiest way to control unwanted hair. They slice hair at the surface and can reveal smooth skin for about a week or more and can be used on almost any part of the body depending on how sensitive the skin is. You have various choices, like the hand held razors or the battery-operated ones. It basically boils down to personal preference. Shop razors and shavers Sugars Sugaring areas of the body can remove unwanted hair at the root, plus it cleans follicles and therefore preventing those painful ingrown hairs from forming. It’s a lot like the waxing technique and can leave your skin smooth for a period of up to eight weeks. It’s been used to eliminate body hair for centuries since it uses all natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin. Shop sugaring hair removal Tweezers This process demands a bit more time than the others but it’s super effective in removing unwanted hair from smaller areas like the eyebrows, and general facial area. Stray hairs won’t live long once you whip out a pair of these tools! Here’s a tip: always pluck each hair as close to the root as possible in the direction that it grows using quick, smooth motions to keep the sting at a minimum and to grab all of the hair at once without breaking it. Shop tweezers Waxes As one of the procedures that delivers some of the best results, it can also be quite daunting since the first thing that comes to mind when someone says ‘wax’ is the word ‘pain’. But now with so many new products that have popped up, waxing is a lot less ‘ouch’ and a lot more ‘wow’, delivering dramatic results that can last from two to six weeks. Some waxes adhere directly to the unwanted hair thus making the process less painful and ideal for sensitive areas such as the bikini. Something to remember when waxing: always leave a tab to pull in the opposite direction from the hair growth pattern, preferably at a 180 degree angle that’s horizontal to the skin, to provide the best outcome. Shop waxes Risks Don’t fret! It’s nothing serious, but you have to keep in mind that a lot of hair removal methods can leave ingrown hairs if the proper care hasn’t been taken before, throughout and after each procedure (except with bleaches and hair removal creams). It’s a good idea to check out ways to prevent these irritating nuisances so that you can enjoy smooth, flawless skin for longer.