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Choosing the Right Hair Oils and Serums

If you want great styling from start to finish, hair oils and serums are the perfect way to begin and end the process. They can be used as a foundation to healthy hair as well as create a polished style that’s impossible to miss. With hair oils and serums, you can enjoy all of the benefits whether you require them for smoothing, curling, straightening, thickening, adding shine or healing. They contain formulas that work specifically to match your needs depending on which products you choose. If you’re a big fan of the blow dryer or flat iron, then you’ll be pleased to know that hair oils and serums are excellent heat styling companions. Just apply to damp hair and continue with your heat styling tool with ease, because the product will coat each strand to allow the heat to penetrate more effectively, providing the best results. Using on dry hair also works great. Serums are especially handy when it comes to finishing a look, and restoring shine to dulled hair. Simply apply to the ends of your hair to hydrate, or lightly smooth over the surface of your style to tame frizz and flyaways. Here’s a short list of some types of oils and serums to guide you, but remember you can always mix it up a little depending on what your hair needs, for example if you suffer from frizzy, dry locks then a smoothing product and damage repairing product will help. • Smoothing: obtain a polished style with no frizz or flyaways using a smoothing oil or serum. With every application you can detangle strands and enjoy a healthy shine, but you must comb the product through your hair in order to distribute it evenly. Shop smoothing oil or serum • Heat protection: these products create a barrier over your hair to stop damage from occurring yet they work with the heat to infuse moisture into the hair. Use your heat styling tools without worry, your strands will have been reinforced and will end up glossy and softened. It really doesn’t matter what hair type you have, heat protection is important every time you decide to use heat on your locks. Shop heat protection oil or serum • Shine: return the brilliance to your locks and revive your look with oils and serums that are designed to shine. Experience soft tresses and tamed flyaways and enjoy the envy of others at your wonderfully glossy locks. If your hair is especially fine or thin, then find a mist serum that’s lighter than an oil to prevent any weighing down. Shop shine oil or serum • Straightening: a great way to detangle, de-frizz and smooth hair efficiently and with the help of a flat iron you can expect sleek and silky results. Towel dry your hair before applying and use a comb to spread the product through completely, it’ll make the outcome even better. Shop straightening oil or serum • Curling: bring back the bounce in your curls with oil or serum to encourage natural textures. Don’t worry about the frizz, it’ll be tamed and practically nonexistent! Just apply the product and use your fingers to comb through or scrunch up. A diffuser is also handy to define curls and create more of them. Shop curling oil or serum • Thickening: revive limp and thin hair with oils and serums to strengthen and plump up each individual strand for maximum fullness. Simply apply to your hair and blow dry using a round brush to create more height and volume. Worry about flatness no more! Shop thickening oil or serum • Damage repairing: you can deeply moisturize your tresses and heal the ends of your hair which is where the dryness and damage tends to start. A repairing oil or serum can replenish your hair’s health and seal the cuticles as protection from further damage. Use on the ends of your hair to start reviving your locks, then work your way up so that the rest of your hair can benefit from the results. Shop damage repairing oil or serum