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Choosing the Right Hair Dryer

If you thought a hair dryer came in one model and was only good for one thing, then you definitely need to read on. There are tons of important features in specific hair dryers that can provide endless benefits to you and your locks. For one thing, the technology used in professional hair dryers can really up the quality in styling results, plus, there’s no need to worry so much about hair damage. You can ask any hairstylist, a great hair dryer can work wonders, but how do you know which one you should pick?

If you’re the type to only use a hair dryer occasionally, then there’s no urgent need to spend lots of money on a professional one, especially if you won’t use it often. However, if you absolutely can’t live without a hair dryer then it’s better to go pro, since you’ll be requiring a long-lasting product that offers quality. Another reason for a professional hair dryer? It does less damage to your hair, takes less time blow-drying, and keeps your hair healthy and ready for easy styling.

Ideal Hair Dryers for Perfect Styles

It’s not just about choosing any expensive, professional level hair dryer to do the job, you also have to consider the type of style you’re going for. There’s no point buying a hair dryer that works best for wavy styles when what you do most is go sleek and straight. Here are a few pointers for picking hair dryers according to styles.



For smooth, sleek styles, what you need is a hair dryer with the following features: an ionic generator combined with tourmaline and ceramic elements to produce infrared heat. These features reduce frizz drastically and lock in moisture to offer a smooth, straight result. If you’re accustomed to finishing off with a flat iron you can add a nozzle attachment to the dryer to concentrate the heat output while you work your locks using a brush.


We recommend:



If you’re after youthful curls and bouncing ringlets, you’ll be glad to know that hair dryers can also be used to achieve them. If your hair is naturally curly, you can use a hair dryer to boost its appearance and define the shape of each curl. What you’ll need is a diffuser, which basically softens the airflow to gently dry your hair without producing frizz.


We recommend:


If your hair isn’t naturally curly but you want it to look as though it is using round brushes or curlers, you’re best choice would be a dryer that features ceramic, tourmaline and ionic technology to lock in moisture and make frizz disappear.

We recommend:




For waves, flips or volume (or all three), you’ll need a hair dryer that is capable of handling multiple speed and heat settings as well as featuring a cold shot button. You can have more control over your style using lower settings and to set it in place, just press the cold shot button.


We recommend:


If more volume is what you want, a hair dryer with an ionic switch should do the trick. This switch allows you to turn off the ionic generator which is a no-no if you were to go sleek and straight, but a really handy option if you want your hair to have more body and lift.

We recommend:


Hair Dryer Basics

Before rushing out to purchase your hair dryer there are still some things you must know, for example, how this kind of product works, what types are on the market and what other features it may come with. This kind of information can help you choose the perfect hair dryer for your styling needs.

Airflow, Heat and Technology 

What powers your hair dryer? Air flow, heat and technology form the basics of a hair dryer and each complements the other to bring you the best results. Wattage is a part of what makes up the part of air flow and power, so it’s extremely important to know about especially if you want to dry your hair well. Hair dryers with less wattage are great for short or fine hair, or if you mostly dry bangs and other small sections. Generally, dryers with 1875 watts can dry your hair satisfactorily, no matter if it’s thick. If you’re on the lookout for a hairdryer, having a clue about wattage is key to finding the perfect one. For instance, if your hair is thin or fine, 1200-1500 watts should do the trick. For medium, straight or wavy hair, 1300-1800 is the appropriate wattage. If you have thick, curly hair, 1600-2000 watts is tough enough to tackle it. Here’s a tip though, remember to keep the dryer moving back and forth over sections instead of letting it hover over one area (no matter the power level). This is to reduce heat damage and to reduce the concentration of heat over specific sections of hair.


 Now that we’re on the subject of heat, it’s useful to know that the best hair dryers available are ones that use ceramic heaters or ceramic parts to evenly distribute heat. Heat isn’t the only thing you can use to dry your hair, cooler temperatures are great on fine hair or locks that tend to get frizzy, since the air is gentler on this setting.

On to technology, another highly important element in your potential hair dryer. There are different types of hair drying technology and each brings its own set of benefits, and it usually boils down to personal choice on which type to go for.


First of all, what is tourmaline? It’s a semi-precious gemstone that also works as an ionic and infrared generator, targeting negatively charged sections of hair when heated. What happens during this process? Well, the tourmaline splits large water droplets into smaller ones that evaporate faster, drying hair quicker and locking in moisture. Another good thing about this particular process is that it prevents heat damage and leaves hair with a healthy shine.


Tourmaline dryers we recommend



In some hair dryers the parts are completely ceramic or simple coated in this material, so check before purchasing. Ceramic is known for distributing even heat and thus reducing heat damage or the possibility of your hair drying out.

Ceramic dryers we recommend


Hair dryers with ionic technology create negative ions, neutralizing your hair’s positive charge (which forms volume) and making it smooth. The benefits are frizz-free, healthy looking hair with a silky feel, great shine and sealed in moisture. You can also largely reduce drying time because of the properties and ionic hair dryer has. There are plenty of tips you can try out to make the most of an ionic dryer, for example, you can blow dry your hair upside-down with the ionic switch turned off (if your hairdryer comes with this option) in order to create more volume. Then flip your hair the right way up and finish off drying with the ionic switch on for fantastic results.

Ionic dryers we recommend



This technology can deliver consistent, even heat to thoroughly dry hair and prevent overheating or drying out. This way, less damage is made to your hair and the result will be sleeker and healthier-looking hair.

Infrared dryers we recommend

Dual Voltage 

If you’re not much of a traveler and you don’t leave the country often, then a regular hairdryer is your best option. However, if you’re always flying out whether on business or pleasure, then a dual voltage dryer is necessary if you want to look your best. These dryers can convert from 110/120 V to 220/240 V using a standard adapter and therefore makes is functional in almost any part of the world. Worried about the bulk? Well there are mini hair dryers that can fold up and fit into any corner of your suitcase without mayor problems, plus they don’t weigh that much.

Temperature Settings

Did you know that you can also use cold temperatures to dry your hair? Think about it, you can start of hot and work your way down the temperature scale, finishing off with cold air to set your style. How does this work? First, the heat helps excess moisture evaporate and starts to create the style, then the cold air seals your hair shaft closed and thus prevents the style accomplished with the hot air from falling flat. Another great benefit is the shine you’re left with! It works almost like a facial treatment where heat is used to open your pores and then cold is made to close them.

Dryers with cool shot buttons


Accessories, Attributes and Add-ons

You don’t have to conform to having just the hair dryer, there are lots of great products and super features that make it an even better and more powerful styling tool. Just take a look at the list below and see the benefits for yourself!


This is an attachment that directs the flow of air onto specific sections of your hair in order to dry more effectively. You’ll see these in professional level hair dryers but you can also purchase them separately for your own dryer. Concentrators can also be used to greatly reduce frizz, simply by pointing the nozzle down towards the ends of your hair while drying, creating a smooth and polished result.



You can use these to cut drying time in half and at the same time boost your hair’s natural texture by lifting and separating. You might think that this sort of process will cause frizz and flyaways but it’s actually the opposite with a diffuser, as it enhances smoothness and helps define natural curls.


Dryer Brush

If you have two left hands and simply can’t manage drying and brushing at the same time, this is a great option since it does both! One of the downsides is that the control you have over it is limited since it’s two tools in one but it beats handling both separate things at once.



A decade ago, hair dryers would roar at 80 decibels, but now thanks to modern technology, the new quieter motors found in regular dryers have reduced that noise to 60 decibels or lower. There’s no need to wake the whole house in the mornings with your styling routines anymore!



Hair dryers come with two nozzle types: nozzle and no nozzle. Nozzles can be used to create more precise styles since the air flow is directed effectively on the hair, making it a common choice for professionals. No nozzle hair dryers disperse air through a fuller blowout and are more lightweight and manageable.


Removable Air Filter

This is important to conserve the product life of your hairdryer and the general health of your hair. Regularly cleaning the air filter ensures that the motor won’t overheat and cause hair damage.


Swivel Cord

This gives you much more movement when blow drying and prevents tangled cables. The swivel at the end of the handle allows the cord to pivot, leaving you with more freedom and flexibility.


Hair Dryer Weight

Let’s face it, not all of us were born body builders, so lifting a heavy hair dryer is not one of our strengths. If your hair is especially long or thick then you must consider weight a factor when out shopping for hair dryers. Pick a model that’s light and bicep-friendly to use on your hair, and if you’re a regular traveler, you can try a lightweight travel dryer to suit your needs.


Lightweight models we recommend


Other Hair Dryer Products

It doesn’t stop there! There are more things you can look into before making a purchase.

Bonnet Dryers

Also hood or hard hat dryers, these are commonly found in salons and are wonderful at providing a gentle overall dry that accentuates curls and prevents frizz. You can also get deep conditioning treatments and a generally relaxing time without lifting a finger.


What we recommend


Hair Dryer Holders

Whether it’s in the shape of a holder, wall mount or stand, saving space makes a styling process super efficient by keeping everything organized. Check out heat resistant holders to protect your surfaces and countertops while providing the utmost convenience while you style.

Product Warranties

The extended warranty is essential when buying any product. If something goes wrong with your hair dryer it’s best to have a warranty to fall back on to keep your mind at ease.