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Choosing the Right Curling Iron


Whether you’re blessed with natural curls or not, there are curling tools to help define the curls you already have or create them if your hair is bone straight. There are many methods to curl hair, but the most common is the curling iron since it’s so versatile and easy to use, but you need to know exactly what to look for in one in order to get the results you want. Here’s a list of types of curling iron and the kind of style they create.

Clipless Curling Iron
You may need to read an instruction manual before handling these but the benefits are many. You can avoid damaged and split ends since the ends of your hair wrap around the barrel last not first, no clamp to crease or crinkle your hair, easy access to your roots and a variety of models that are distinctly shaped.
Clipless curling irons we recommend

Double and Triple Barrel Curling Iron
The name may seem daunting but there’s really nothing to it. Double barrel curling irons allow you to create figure-eight type curls and the triple barrel model can create beautiful flowing waves. Another great benefit is that you save time curling since you can work on larger sections of hair at a time.
Double and Triple curling irons we recommend

Marcel Curling Iron
This was originally designed for professionals and has all the bells and whistles like an extra handle, manual operation for more control and precise styling, but this kind of iron is a little tricky. Tougher to manage than a spring or clipless curling iron, you really need an experienced touch to curl your hair with this type of iron. However, the pros are exceptional styling control, high quality materials and curls created in a snap.
Marcel curling irons we recommend

Spiral or Ribbon Curling Iron
You can enjoy precise curls and spirals really quickly with these types of curling iron. They feature raised ridges along the barrel to guide hair into place when wrapped around the iron.
Spiral or Ribbon curling irons we recommend

Spring Curling Iron
One of the most popular type of iron, the spring curling iron is really easy to use and a great tool to start with especially if you’re a beginner. The spring-action clip helps keep a firm hold on your hair while styling and all you need to do is catch and release sections of your hair using your thumb.
Spring curling irons we recommend

Travel Curling Iron
You want to look your best anywhere you go, right? Well there’s no need to take up precious suitcase space with a full-size curling iron, there are convenient mini models that are great for traveling with or stashing in desk drawers at the office. Cordless curling irons are a popular choice since you don’t have to preoccupy yourself with cables and they provide utmost convenience when styling on the go.
Travel curling irons we recommend

Curling Iron Barrel Sizes
Barrel size on a curling iron defines the dimensions of your curls, and it also depends on the hair type. If your hair is short then a small barrel is necessary in order to wrap your locks all the way around it, but if your hair is longer, then you have much more choice, being able to use any barrel size. If you’re into variety you can find models with interchangeable barrels for new types of curls each day.

If you’re handling a styling tool that uses heat, you need to protect your countertops with heat proof mats and cases to avoid scorch marks on surfaces. You can also protect your curling iron this way. For more convenience and an efficient styling process, you can benefit from curling iron stands which also protect your surfaces and keep your styling tool close at-hand. If you don’t have much space to spare, some of these can be mounted on the wall.
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