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Choosing the Right Comb


If you have hair, it’s mandatory to have a comp since it’s so essential. You can use it for parting, detangling, styling and much more, but is there more to a comb than you previously thought? Specific combs play specific roles depending on types and needs, so here is a brief compilation of the kind of comb that is ideal for which purpose.

  • Detangling and smoothing curls: combs we recommend
  • All-purpose styling and product distribution: combs we recommend
  • Adding height and volume, lifting and backcombing: combs we recommend
  • Straightening while using the flat iron: combs we recommend


Take your style

What can you do with your comb to the next level? Here are some pointers to help you make the most out of this essential tool:

  • Detangling: one of the basic purposes of a comb is to battle the knots in your locks. What better to do the job than a wide-tooth comb? These are ideal for thick, course or curly hair and are best used in the shower when your hair is wet and slick. To attack the tangles, hold your hair a few inches from the know with your hand and slide the comb through the end part, and as the ends untangle you can start working your way up until the comb passes through easily and unobstructed.

  • Parting: for separating sections of hair or simply changing the parting, a tail comb is the best choice. Place the pointy end on your hairline where you want to part it and gently slide the comb to the back of your head, using your fingers to separate the hair as you go. For more options, zigzag along the hairline for a dynamic look.

  • Product distribution: If you usually apply your hair products with your hands, you’ll be pleased to know that a comb can help distribute the product much more evenly throughout damp or wet hair. Make the most out of oils, serums, sprays and mousses by just using a comb to ensure that each strand receives a coating for great results.

  • Straightening: if you’ve tried straightening just with a flat iron in one hand and the other hand empty, you’ll know how hot hair can get after passing through those heated plates. This is where the comb comes in, as it decreases straightening time, prevents kinks and keeps your hands free of burns! Apply a heat protectant and slide the comb through each section of hair to distribute the product and to also run immediately ahead of the flat iron. You’ll see how quick you’ll finish just by doing this!

  • Teasing: to add more volume, ruffle up or poof out your tresses, try teasing with a comb. Just pick the area you want the oomph to go in and apply some styling spray. Hold that section of hair by the ends and using a teasing comb, start at the ends and comb your hair upwards towards the roots to create volume. Don’t go overboard though, you need to be gentle enough to avoid damaging the strands and causing tangles. The correct way is to pluck out the comb after each pass to prevent it from getting stuck in the section. Once you’ve teased that part, release it and gently comb across the top layer to create more smoothness, or if you want you can simply leave it like that for a messier, more tousled look.