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Choosing the Best Hair Salon


If you’re looking for a new salon or you simply need to change stylist, it can quite a difficult feat especially if you start searching from scratch. Fortunately here’s a compilation of easy steps to follow in order to pick the perfect place for your styling needs.

Research is important before you choose or decide on anything. You can start by exploring your area for a salon that can be easily accessed from your home, the internet can offer many guides and recommendations for this but be specific about your needs. It’s no use selecting a salon near home if it can’t offer the service your hair requires. There are a lot of salons out there to choose from but not all of them focus on the same thing, some can specialize in hair types or color. Always keep at the front of your mind your hair type, color and length when researching.

If one of your friends or relatives has just got a new ‘do, then ask which salon they go to. Don’t be shy about it, if you flatter someone about their hair, they won’t feel uncomfortable about a compliment! Remember not just to limit yourself to asking ‘where’, most salons have multiple stylists and each one works differently, so it’s better to also ask ‘who’.

Already got your heart set on a salon? Then it’s time to check it out! You can start by asking for a complimentary consultation, and once you’ve taken a small tour make sure that the salon is clean and well-kept. Don’t forget about the atmosphere, how you feel while being there is very important, remember you’re going pay money to entrust your locks to the people who work here. Take a peek at the customers, are they comfortable and relaxed? What does the stylist’s hair look like? Can you fit the prices within your budget? What other services does this salon provide (just in case you feel like doing something completely different)? And last but not least, does the stylist seem to pay attention to your needs? Keep these questions in mind when visiting the potential salon, if your expectations aren’t met then it’s time to renew the search.

Having an open communication with your stylist is the best way to have your wants and needs met. Take a look at some magazines, look up pictures on the internet for an idea of what you’d like and show them to your stylist so that they can style your hair the way you want. Always mention the hair car routine you follow and how much effort you’re willing to make in order to preserve your hair’s health and the duration of your style. Think of your stylist as a type of ‘hair doctor’, and you shouldn’t have to withhold your beauty secrets from them. This way they have more to work on than simply guess what you do or want with your hair.

What should you discuss with your stylist? You could begin by mentioning your history of services, the amount of time you spend on your hair, what styling tools you use and how often, what hair products you use and how often you shampoo and condition. By following these simple points you can enjoy a healthy relationship with your stylist and dazzling styles that will have you receiving compliments in no time!